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Hello! Hello! Monday September 14, 2009. Its the first day of the rest of your life! Make it count! PAULIEWOOD.COM/MonaVie =)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Recess Sunday - Hollywood Pool Party

Join PAULIEWOOD this Sunday on Deck 5 of the Renaissance Hotel at Hollywood and Highland for the best pool party of the summer.

RSVP via txt to 213-840-3231 (w/ first and last name) AND arrive BEFORE 2pm for TOTALLY FREE admission! Great deals will continue throughout the day including $50 all you can drink wrist bands and drink tix included in the price of regular admission. Cabanas, reserved pool side seating, bottle service all available. Be sure to ask for details.

See you on the playground ;)
It's time for Recess!
Recess Sundays @ RENAISSANCE Hotel Deck 5

Join me this Sunday afternoon as an all-new pool WEEKLY party located high above Hollywood Blvd with an amazing Panoramic View of Los Angeles and The Hollywood Hills. This is sure to be an amzing weekly Sunday afternoon Party each week with amazing sounds provided by Rotating Resident DJs MisterE, Mike Palmieri, and ??? !! Dont miss this fun-filled event with Patron Snowcones, Food & Beverage by Wolfgang Puck, and Poolside Messages by SpaLuce!! Gonna be hot...dont miss it!! See you poolside

This week featuring

Kandy Resident DJ MisterE!!
// Hip Hop / Top 40 / House / Mash Ups
(Playboy Mansion, Palms Vegas, Kandy Kruise)

Weekly Rotating Deejays:
+ DJ Mister E | DJ Mike Palmieri | and ????

Spinning the best Hip Hop, Old School, Top 40, 80s, Mash Ups & House! HOUSE HOUSE!!!!!!

- No Cover from 12:30-2PM
- Open Bar (Wristband ONLY) $50 12:30-3:30pm
- After 2pm Girls $20 (Includes 2 Drink Tickets) -Guys $30 (Includes 3 Drink Tickets)

- Bottles are $300 Across the menu!
- Bottles of Champagne - $50 All Day
- 2 Pool Chair Loungers & 1 Bottle of Champagne - $100
- Table includes Umbrella an 4 chairs - $300
- VIP Cabana ($500 Min. on Beverage + Food provided by Wolfgang Puck)

Pool is located at Deck 5 of the Renaissance Hotel

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Big meeting tomorrow night! Text me for details. 1-213-840-3231. ;)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

There is no time like the present! Get your health and wealth in order! Get your MonaVie! ;)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Pauliewood takes you to the best of Hollywood live 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Move to Pauliewood to be in the middle of all the sports, fashion, night life, music, entertainment, and so much more that is only available in Pauliewood!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LIVE MonaVie tasting party tonight on PAULIEWOOD.COM! 7:30pm PST. See ya there!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tonight 7:30pm PST LIVE on PAULIEWOOD.COM a MonaVie tasting party! Join in! We'll see ya there!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Off to an appointment. Getting ready for my MonaVie meeting tomorrow!

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Friday, July 17, 2009

My boy Flinner came to visit from PHX via the Montreal Canadians and brought me a goalies dream present! "Glove save baby!" Thanks Flinner!
Kress tonight! Go see Hayden and say hi! =)
Oh yeah! LA is gonna be hoppin' tonight! ;)
Mmmm mmmm mmmm! Now its time for my MonaVie! =)
All full! Tostada pizza rules!
P.S. Drink your Mona Vie!
Yummy bread, cheese, olive oil, and crushed red pepper! Ahhhh.
Jim Rohn rules!
Back to the valley! Dinner at CPK!
Watching some girl texting faster than me on Ventura and Balboa!
101 slammed!
Traffic! Yikes!
Follow the yellow brick road!
Off to see my BFF Matty Pants! Hi buddy! ;)
Yay! Got it! Too cool!
This is so funny! I am trying to ping everything but... What the hey! I'll keep trying! Go PAULIEWOOD! Go Mona Vie!
Hello everyone! ;)
Hello! Hello!
Testing 123
Radical Hollywood Remedies, set your DVR now!
July 22, E! Channel, 10pm EST /9pm CST
Check out Dr. Adam's Radical Remedy!
Hey buddy! Look out! I am gonna be on the E Channel! July 22, 2009 10pm ... Radical Hollywood Remedies! Starring the D.O.C. Dr. Adam and ME! Check it out PAULIE
WOOD style! ;)

Radical Hollywood Remedies

Wednesday July 22, 10 pm PST E! Channel will premier the new show titled "Radical Hollywood Remedies". Featured in this show is Dr. Adam Del Torto and PAULIEWOOD. Don't miss this Radical Hollywood Remedy!

“Radical Hollywood Remedies” (9 p.m. on E!): This special takes an inside look at the trends and treatments found at the most elite Hollywood spas and doctor’s offices. It examines the ins and outs of the elaborate and sometimes scary treatments that have helped make the stars who they are.
7/22 E! Channel, "Ridiculous Hollywood Remedies" Don't miss it!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mineral Kiss

Check out the new Mineral Kiss website for the best mineral cosmetics on the market and also business opportunities...

Monday, April 20, 2009 is heading to the beach today:) Join PAULIEWOOD for some fun in the sun

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

right now in PAULIEWOOD

at this very moment you can join pauliewood in Hollywood for a great event LIVE! Pauliewood is at a sushi style birthday bash in Hollywood. you can be there too! Join the party through Pauliewood's live cam feed. See you there.

PAULIEWOOD Live Stream Update

Pauliewood is live again teating a different streaming service. Pauliewood is now using for the live feeds and things are getting smoother everyday. On tap for this week: a sushi birthday party, a very fashionable art party, and a rowdy rock concert, all streaming live at PAULIEWOOD.COM
don't miss a minute of the action in PAULIEWOOD!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

PAULIEWOOD live testing a new streaming application. Check it out and give us your feedback

Monday, March 30, 2009

PAULIEWOOD live at Zap tattoo with Rock Star Society
PAULIEWOOD is LIVE right now driving through Hollywood :) Ride along at

Sunday, March 29, 2009

LIVE at Zap Tattoo!

PAULIEWOOD hung out at Zap Tattoo today streaming live! Great segment with great sounds and ink by Von Shock. You never know where PAULIEWOOD will be streaming. Great time at Zap Tattoo today.
Zap Tattoo located at 7353 Melrose Ave Suite E Los Angeles, CA 90046 
Give Von a call for the best ink in town (323) 655-8636

Saturday, March 28, 2009

What's Going on Saturday!!

Soooo there is mad chatter on PAULIEWOOD.COM LIVE its crazy!!! So many people on there from so many places chatting up all things PAULIEWOOD.......seems after some talk tonight there are atleast 2 street teams going on.....Belinda has the DC street team and I have the AZ street team, oh its just the beginning...can you feel the thunder and the roar??? Oh that is just the Specialty Racing coming up in April on the 16th, 17th, and 18th at Phoenix Raceway International. Wow I can't wait, hope this things televised all look for me in the day glow yellow PAULIEWOOD.COM shirt (and all my kids too LOL)...Anyway its just another rockin Saturday here in PAULIEWOOD can't wait for tomorrow....
Jacque out:)

Friday, March 27, 2009

For all the latest PAULIEWOOD action stay on top of PAULIEWOOD's blog and calendar


Top priority in PAULIEWOOD is setting up a consistent live feed schedule with listed events so you will know when to join PAULIEWOOD for all the action. The schedule will be posted in the calendar section of the website :)
We will have all next week planned out before the weekend is over, so check out the PAULIEWOOD calendar often. If you have a suggestion for a PAULIEWOOD.COM event or outing, let us know. Leave a comment here in the blog, shout at PAULIEWOOD from most and page on the site, email PAULIEWOOD at, or call or text 213-840-3231 :) 

Lots of ways to get in touch with your friends at PAULIEWOOD.COM
write with PAULIEWOOD!
song writing, live now on

The PAULIEWOOD Team is Updating Constantly!

Wow! What a great week in PAULIEWOOD. PAULIEWOOD started a live stream this week using LiveCast. Still working out a few bugs for the mobile cams, but a banner week for PAULIEWOOD indeed! We will be working through the weekend to fix the glitches and continue the overhaul on the site. Each page will soon include a star rating system and Shoutbox to keep PAULIEWOOD fans engaged and interacting with PAULIEWOOD and other visitors. Please give us your feedback as to any features you would like to see/use on PAULIEWOOD.COM. We appreciate your patience and your input.

Thank you, 
The Pauliewood Team

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Watch PAULIEWOOD live right now!
working away at
PAULIEWOOD is streaming Live right now!
Working away the PAULIEWOOD way!


The PAULIEWOOD crew is hard at work adding new entertaining content to the site daily, hourly, minutely, and dare I say, secondly?
Paulie is testing a new live feed and the crew is working on all things pauliewood! 
The new Pauliewood Challenge blog is coming soon. This will be a dedicated blog for you to post all you Challenges for PAULIEWOOD. can you bet PAULIEWOOD? We will find out!
Feel free to post comments on any of our blogs as we love to hear from you!

It's a great day in PAULIEWOOD!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Challenge!

PAULIEWOOD.COM Wire: “The Challenge!”

Reuters says: “Reality at its best!”

AP: “Putting the REAL back into reality!”

eNewswires: “Finally something F@#KING REAL!”

Siskel & Ebert: “Thank you PAULIEWOOD.COM!”


Fans and foes from across the globe write in your challenge and see if you opened your big mouth a little too soon or you knew that you had PAULIEWOOD’s head in a vise!  Challenge him to anything and everything! Anytime! Anywhere! Let the wheels of competition, smarts, savvy, and cunning take over! You think your better? He thinks not! Winner take all… loser… well humiliation is just the start! Begin the week by getting to know PAULIEWOOD and his town and or your digs! Try and possibly understand his (if any) weaknesses and persona! Live a little! Or a lot! Let the games begin! Anything and everything goes! People skills, Athletic skills, Street survivor skills, and all around Insanity skills! Meet and greet? You got it! Scavenger hunt and “All Around Hookup Skills”? You have no idea! Getting something that is absolutely impossible to obtain? No problem! Bring it BITCH! (Stimulus!) Ya think ya can keep up now? He doubts it! Every challenge will be one upped and brought to the next level to make itPAULIEWOOD.COM worthy! Uh oh… Is someone in trouble now!? We’ll see… on “The Challenge!” by: PAULIEWOOD.COM! I’m sure I’ll make an ass out of YOU or ME! (or both)


IMPORTANT! THIS IS NOT JUST A GAME BUT A FULL ON PAULIEWOOD.COM STYLE “REALity” SHOW! Anything and everything to entertain the viewer is a must! Complete Jerry Lewis going on here peeps!

Breakdown: Viewer writes in and or production team creates a super challenge. Challenge and challenger are chosen. The challenger/viewer and PAULIEWOOD meet wherever the challenge is to take place (LA, viewers hometown, somewhere else), PAULIEWOOD and the challenger/ viewer get to know one and another while taking in sights and or activities with a bit of friction and high jinx!, The challenge is "one upped" and the challenger/ viewer accepts new challenge. PAULIEWOOD and challenger/viewer face off. Winner and loser decided, Pre-determined reward granted to winner, stunt or punishment for loser.

* The Challenger and PAULIEWOOD face off. Upon completion of the Challenge the winner and loser are determined and it is now time to review the previously set stakes. Winner is rewarded and loser is punished. 

Addendum: Substitute teams for individuals.

New music video!

PAULIEWOOD and Greg Cash AKA Serious Cash Money jammin' the other day... Check out Serious Cash Money's "Fantasy Tones". Something is always brewing at PAULIEWOOD.COM, don't miss out. 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Bring it!" (Stimulus!)

AP Wire: PAULIEWOOD.COM is up and running and ready and willing to defy all that challenge! Putting the “REAL” back into reality is no simple undertaking due to all the insidious and vulgar displays of quote “reality tv” but PAULIEWOOD and the PAULIEWOOD.COM crack team of cracked heads and hilarious staff/team members are ready to “Bring it BITCH!” (Stimulus!) The “Cast of Characters” (rollin’ deeper than Marianas Trench) add the extra insanity and “REAL” entertainment value that we have all been craving like soft creamy butter squishing between our toes in the heat of the summer! Folks, it’s not Hollywood it’s PAULIEWOOD! The world wants to see it so let’s“Bring it BITCH!” (Stimulus!) 24/7/365! That’s right! LIVE! 24/7/365! Who’s got the grande cojones de acero?! PAULIEWOOD.COM does! So step on up and get it while it’s HOTTT! I am here! I am ready! I am willing! I am able! “If it ain’t been done before I’ll do it again and again!” “I’ll try ANYTHING twice!” WWW.PAULIEWOOD.COM!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kings and Kitty

It was a great night in PAULIEWOOD last night with a win over Vancouver and a great Switchblade Kitty show at the Roxy. Check out the photos!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Rock and Roll Crazy Nights!

Back to the Strip tonight! PAULIEWOOD  will be joining friends at the Roxy for Hollywood Roxxx Presented by Steven Harlow Productions and featuring the band SBK! It is a show not to be missed on a Monday night on the Sunset Strip! Tickets can be purchased from

Monday, March 23 Hollywood Roxxx will be hosted by FORBIDDEN Christine Dolce. Don't miss it!

Get out tonight and get wild with the girls of SBK, the hottest show on the Strip! 

Spazmatics at Dragonfly Sunday Nights

PAULIEWOOD tore up the streets of Hollywood once again last night taking in a Spazmatics show at the Dragonfly. The new wave cover band has been a Hollywood staple for a long time. Great show, check out the photos from last night, and check out the show on a Sunday night, cuz you know you don't have any other Sunday night plans...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Photos from the February 2, 2009, Steel Panther show at the Key Club, Hollywood, Ca. Guest appearances on stage made by: Avril Levigne, Deryck Whibley, Jason Biggs, and Brad Penny. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Wild Night on the Strip!

Steel Panther was on fire last night with Avril Levigne and Hubby, Sum 41 front manDeryck Whibley, joining the band on stage for a couple great 80's metal hits. Also hopping on stage for a quickie was actor Jason Biggs, and the Dodgers pitcher (now heading to Boston) Brad Penny. All the latest pics and video from last night's event will be up on today! Check it out, it was a great performance. 

Another great show on the strip last night was the one and only Switchblade Kitty. These girls are out of control! Very entertaining show put on by Steven Harlow Productions. 

Following the shows, the PAULIEWOOD crew hit the Ihop for all you can eat pancakes, delicious! Don't forget to mark your calendars.... National Pancake Day is just around the corner on February 24th. ;)

Happy Tuesday everyone :) 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

PAULIEWOOD at the Roxy for Monday night Hollywood Roxxx and Switchblade Kitty! 

Friday, January 16, 2009

E-A-G, L-E-S! Who do we love the very best?

PAULIEWOOd is gearing up for football Sunday! Preparations have already begun.... extra sleep, some light stretching...
PAULIEWOOD's Philly side can't wait to see the EAGLES beat the Cardinals this Sunday! Then it is on to the Super Bowl! 
PAULIEWOOD prediction:

a Pennsylvania Super Bowl: Eagles vs. Steelers! 
Feel free to post your comments and Super Bowl predictions :) 

Have a Happy PAULIEWOOD Day! 

Monday, January 12, 2009

PAULIEWOOD fan base grows! 80 countries!

We here at are proud to announce that PAULIEWOOD has now been viewed in 80 difference countries around the world! Jump on the PAULIEWOOD crazy train, cuz it ain't slowin' down!!!  

Hollywood Roxxx: New location and New band name!

Monday night is here again and Steven Harlow has a rockin' night put together for us! Hollywood Roxxx now at the Roxy (only fitting). The band, Switch Blade Kitty (formerly XXX) will be headlining tonight and every Monday night for Hollywood Roxxx now at the Roxy! See you at the show!

For band photos, visit