Monday, March 23, 2009

The Challenge!

PAULIEWOOD.COM Wire: “The Challenge!”

Reuters says: “Reality at its best!”

AP: “Putting the REAL back into reality!”

eNewswires: “Finally something F@#KING REAL!”

Siskel & Ebert: “Thank you PAULIEWOOD.COM!”


Fans and foes from across the globe write in your challenge and see if you opened your big mouth a little too soon or you knew that you had PAULIEWOOD’s head in a vise!  Challenge him to anything and everything! Anytime! Anywhere! Let the wheels of competition, smarts, savvy, and cunning take over! You think your better? He thinks not! Winner take all… loser… well humiliation is just the start! Begin the week by getting to know PAULIEWOOD and his town and or your digs! Try and possibly understand his (if any) weaknesses and persona! Live a little! Or a lot! Let the games begin! Anything and everything goes! People skills, Athletic skills, Street survivor skills, and all around Insanity skills! Meet and greet? You got it! Scavenger hunt and “All Around Hookup Skills”? You have no idea! Getting something that is absolutely impossible to obtain? No problem! Bring it BITCH! (Stimulus!) Ya think ya can keep up now? He doubts it! Every challenge will be one upped and brought to the next level to make itPAULIEWOOD.COM worthy! Uh oh… Is someone in trouble now!? We’ll see… on “The Challenge!” by: PAULIEWOOD.COM! I’m sure I’ll make an ass out of YOU or ME! (or both)


IMPORTANT! THIS IS NOT JUST A GAME BUT A FULL ON PAULIEWOOD.COM STYLE “REALity” SHOW! Anything and everything to entertain the viewer is a must! Complete Jerry Lewis going on here peeps!

Breakdown: Viewer writes in and or production team creates a super challenge. Challenge and challenger are chosen. The challenger/viewer and PAULIEWOOD meet wherever the challenge is to take place (LA, viewers hometown, somewhere else), PAULIEWOOD and the challenger/ viewer get to know one and another while taking in sights and or activities with a bit of friction and high jinx!, The challenge is "one upped" and the challenger/ viewer accepts new challenge. PAULIEWOOD and challenger/viewer face off. Winner and loser decided, Pre-determined reward granted to winner, stunt or punishment for loser.

* The Challenger and PAULIEWOOD face off. Upon completion of the Challenge the winner and loser are determined and it is now time to review the previously set stakes. Winner is rewarded and loser is punished. 

Addendum: Substitute teams for individuals.

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