Saturday, November 22, 2008

PAULIEWOOD fans span the globe!

Spreading the fun and entertainment of PAULIEWOOD to over 66 countries worldwide. PAULIEWOOD is officially global! Go Team PAULIEWOOD!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Yer Mom

Bringing it back! It makes any joke that much funnier... 

"Where are you?"
"Yer mom's."

"Who did you go out with last night?"
"Yer mom."
OR even...

"How many railway stations are there in the state of California?"
"I don't know, maybe you should ask yer mom."


It is a great day in PAULIEWOOD. New videos are being edited for the site, new photo galleries are being posted, and the addition of the PAULIEWOOD Blog! Hooray! PAULIEWOOD fans can join in and post comments and join in the PAULIEWOOD fun. 
What is going on the weekend in PAULIEWOOD you ask? 
Tonight will be a great time at Ritual on Cahuenga. Shawn Antonio and Jeff Fong always draw a great crowd for their promotions. 
Saturday night the LA Kings vs. Colorado Avalanche and then off to Vanguard for another great Shawn Antonio Presents promotion. 
What will Sunday bring? Maybe the LA Auto Show? Maybe a day at the beach? Don't forget the LA Kings meet the players party. There is always so many great choices and so much fun to be had in PAULIEWOOD 
See ya soon...