Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Bring it!" (Stimulus!)

AP Wire: PAULIEWOOD.COM is up and running and ready and willing to defy all that challenge! Putting the “REAL” back into reality is no simple undertaking due to all the insidious and vulgar displays of quote “reality tv” but PAULIEWOOD and the PAULIEWOOD.COM crack team of cracked heads and hilarious staff/team members are ready to “Bring it BITCH!” (Stimulus!) The “Cast of Characters” (rollin’ deeper than Marianas Trench) add the extra insanity and “REAL” entertainment value that we have all been craving like soft creamy butter squishing between our toes in the heat of the summer! Folks, it’s not Hollywood it’s PAULIEWOOD! The world wants to see it so let’s“Bring it BITCH!” (Stimulus!) 24/7/365! That’s right! LIVE! 24/7/365! Who’s got the grande cojones de acero?! PAULIEWOOD.COM does! So step on up and get it while it’s HOTTT! I am here! I am ready! I am willing! I am able! “If it ain’t been done before I’ll do it again and again!” “I’ll try ANYTHING twice!” WWW.PAULIEWOOD.COM!

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