Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Wild Night on the Strip!

Steel Panther was on fire last night with Avril Levigne and Hubby, Sum 41 front manDeryck Whibley, joining the band on stage for a couple great 80's metal hits. Also hopping on stage for a quickie was actor Jason Biggs, and the Dodgers pitcher (now heading to Boston) Brad Penny. All the latest pics and video from last night's event will be up on PAULIEWOOD.com today! Check it out, it was a great performance. 

Another great show on the strip last night was the one and only Switchblade Kitty. These girls are out of control! Very entertaining show put on by Steven Harlow Productions. 

Following the shows, the PAULIEWOOD crew hit the Ihop for all you can eat pancakes, delicious! Don't forget to mark your calendars.... National Pancake Day is just around the corner on February 24th. ;)

Happy Tuesday everyone :) 

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